U-Pol Hot Shot 1 Finishing Putty

Hot Shot 1 is a super smooth two component polyester stopper which is based on a creamy, easy to mix and apply formula. It is a multifunction polyester stopper which can be used to fill small dents and imperfections on surfaces such as steel, polyester fillers, aluminium, galvanized steel, GRP and some plastics. Hot Shot 1 is a very soft, super fine paste that can be easily spread in thin layers to provide the perfect surface for painting. It can be easily sanded within a short period of time.

Technical Data

  • Mixing ratio: 100 parts by weight Hot Shot 1 Polyester Filler, 2 parts by weight U-POL Hardener
  • Pot life: Typically, 4-5 minutes at 20°C with 2% hardener
  • Drying time: Can be sanded after 25 minutes at 20°C

Suitable Substrates

  • Bare steel
  • Aluminium and galvanized steel
  • Original paint surfaces (with the exception of thermoplastic acrylics)

Available Sizes

  • 600ml
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