U-Pol Flyweight Body Filler

Flyweight polyester filler is a two component paste used for the filling of holes and imperfections in most substrates. Flyweight has been specially formulated for the professional using the latest technology in lightweight body fillers and combines excellent filling properties together with very easy sanding.

Technical Data

  • Mixing ratio: 100 parts by weight polyester filler with 2 parts by weight hardener
  • Pot life: Once mixed, 4-5 minutes at 20°C with 2% hardener
  • Drying time: Can be sanded after 15 minutes at 20°C
  • This filler is very easy to sand and therefore nothing coarser or lower than P80 paper is recommended

Suitable Substrates

  • Bare metal
  • Original paint surfaces (with the exception of thermoplastic acrylics)
  • GRP

Available Sizes

  • 3kg