SATA RPS 0.3l Disposable Cups & Lids

Available with 125 micron flat sieve or 200 micron plug in sieve.

SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is an innovative disposable cup for mixing, painting, refilling and storing of paint.

With only three components (cup – lid – sieve), the 0.3 l RPS cup version is as easy to handle as the proven 0.6 l version. Sieves and lids can be separately ordered as spare parts and fit on both cup sizes. The RPS cup attaches directly to SATA paint spray guns with standard thread and QCC (Quick Cup Connector). A special adaptor is not required. Spray guns and RPS cups are the perfect match: the spray gun remains well-balanced and is noticeably lighter when using this system. The cleaning of the spray gun without an adapter is particularly simple, as only the short material passages have to be cleaned.

The gravity flow cup principle requiring a ventilation valve ensures even material flow. This is essential for a perfect colour match. Painters appreciate this advantage SATA RPS cups provide as cost intensive rework becomes unnecessary.

Due to its disposable character, the cleaning of the cup becomes unnecessary with RPS, thus saving the bodyshops valuable time and cleaning agent. Further cost savings are possible if separate mixing cups and sieves are eliminated from the work process by the use of RPS.

The RPS depot is a space-saving and practical storage system. RPS cups, lids and sieves can be stored in the painter’s work space and are always at hand.