Plascon Coastcote Etch Primer (SNK)

A premium quality range of fast drying, single pack polyvinyl butyral pre-treatment primers.

Intended Uses

  • Pre-treatment primer for mild steel and galvanised iron prior to applying the full paint system.
  • Ideal for use on vehicle chassis and under body components, engine parts, metal fireplaces, burglar bars, security gates, wrought iron, abraded aluminium, etc.


  • Can be used as a weld-through primer
  • Fast drying
  • Good adhesion and flexibility
  • Provides corrosion protection
  • Resistant to oil spills and splashes
  • Temperature resistant up to 200°C
  • Can be over coated by general industrial top coats and decorative enamels, but not nitrocellulose based coatings.

Application Details

  • Spray application: Thin 1:1 by volume with Coastcote Thinner (SNK 7)
  • Brush and roller application: Thin with a minimum amount of Coastcote Thinner (SNK 7)
  • Dipping: Thin with Coastcote Dipping Thinner (TH 258) to suitable viscosity

Drying Time

  • Touch dry: 15 minutes at 23°C
  • Dry to handle: 30 minutes at 23°C
  • Recoating: 1 hour at 23°C

Available Colours

  • Black
  • Red Oxide

Available Sizes

  • 1L
  • 5L
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