Plascon Bakkieliner

  • A water-based coating for vehicle under bodies and working areas
  • Appearance: Low sheen

Technical Description

  • Hard wearing and flexible
  • Very good resistance to abrasion, impact and stone chipping
  • Resistant to diesel, oil, petrol and dilute hydrochloric and sulphuric acids
  • Excellent resistance to water and marine environments
  • May be over-coated by itself or nitrocellulose, alkyd and polyurethane coatings


  • Correctly prepared automotive painted/primed surfaces

Technical Data

  • Flash-off time: 30 minutes between coats at 23°C
  • Re-coating time: 4 hours at 23°C
  • Dry to handle time: 4 hours at 23°C
  • Before use time: 6 hours at 23°C for under-bodies; 48 hours at 23° for working areas.

Available Colours

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black

Available Sizes

  • 1L