Carvello Polyprop Plastic Primer

Carvello Polyprop Plastic Primer is an adhesion promoter designed to improve the adhesion of refinishing material to polypropylene plastic substrates.

Technical Data

  • Ready for use product
  • Process: Apply 2 to 3 single wet coats with 5 to 10 minutes flash between coats
  • Film thickness: +- 5 microns/0.25 mil per coat
  • Overcoat times: Between 15 and 40 minutes @ 25°C. If the recoat time has lapsed, degrease and apply another coat of Carvello Polyprop Plastic Primer.
  • Recoatability: Can be overcoated with a wide variety of top coats i.e. Nitrocellulose and Alkyd Primers, HS Filler Primers, 2000 Series Twin Pack Topcoats and 9000 Series Basecoat.

Suitable Substrates

  • Polypropylene plastic bumpers

Available Sizes

  • 1L