Car System Liquid Putty

Liquid Putty is a two component polyester finishing putty. It has been specially developed for the professional. Liquid Putty has excellent adhesion to metal, body filler, wood, fibreglass, catalyzed primers and old/sanded OEM topcoats.


Liquid Putty is used for filling small surface imperfections like scratches and pinholes before applying and to improve the primer coat. It can be used to fill up to approx. 3 mm deep imperfections. Liquid Putty is ideal for filling small surface imperfections such as pinholes, sanding marks and shallow dents. It provides an ultra smooth finish. Its tack free formula enables easy sanding without abrasive paper clogging. Liquid Putty minimizes the adhesion of contaminates to the base/clear coat. Less primer is required with Liquid Putty; it saves sanding time and reduces the need to refinish.

Technical Data

  • Colour: Light beige
  • Mixing ratio: Addition of 3 % by weight hardener paste
  • Pot life: At +20°C room temperature, 4-5 minutes
  • Drying time: Approx. 20–30 minutes at a room temperature of +20°C

Available Sizes

  • 1kg
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